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How to be productive when you are not feeling motivated

It can be very frustrating knowing that you have a ton of work to do but very minimal motivation to get you started. Even after commencing, how do you complete your tasks? Feeling stuck in a rut usually has us in the downside. This demotivation, however, shouldn’t spell doom for the individual.

Below is a list of eight tips and tricks that can boost your productivity in no time

Find out what is blocking you

The heart is willing but the mind is weak. Demotivation starts with a block. Most times this block is as a result of burn out/mental fatigue. A long cycle of continuous work and stress without well-deserved breaks can leave the mind feeling like mush. Other times it could be a fear of the task ahead. You probably are estimating the stress and energy required to expend, so you keep avoiding it. You may need to take your time with this point as sorting emotions/feelings is quite needed.

Do what makes you happy/relaxed

Have you heard of the happy hormones? They are Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, and Endorphins. They contribute to an overall feel of exciting boost. We usually feel our best when excited about something. Doing something that relaxes or make us happy can help transfer the elevated mood to the task at hand. Happiness stimulates motivation; having an hour of happy hormone boost is quite effective in tackling a lack of motivation.

Ensure your basic needs are met

Some of us are unable to concentrate on a task when plagued with hunger pangs. Feeling sleepy and working is sure to cause sloppy results if care is not taken. So do eat before commencing that task, get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep daily. Do not neglect your body alarms; so you can be on your best.

Make to-do lists your friend

Arrange tasks in order of priority. This is very useful for when you are dreading a task. The one that stresses you out the most is what you should try to complete first. If you have smaller tasks that build up to it, conquer them by setting a timer for the completion of each, you’ll see they are not as tedious as you thought, do ensure to take short breaks in-between tasks. Make your daily to-do lists realistic.

Unplug from social media

Turn off your data, and if possible, your phone. End all social sites on your computer too. This is to avoid distractions when aiming to do your tasks. Getting caught up in social media is a slippery slope; one which you could be on for an hour and be oblivious.

Organize your space

Sometimes we do not feel like working because our workspace is cluttered. Here’s a tip, attempt to clear up at the end of your daily tasks, that way by the following day, seeing an organized space would be refreshing to your sight.

Reward yourself

This is a mind trick. Usually, we feel more eager to perform when there is something to be gained at the end. Little rewards go a long way to keeping us productive. It could be anything from your favorite drink to watching an episode of your favorite series. Try not to binge.

Take a huge break

Some days are tough and all the points don’t work. At this point, it is advised you stay off work completely at least for a whole day. Have a staycation and unplug from the world. Burnouts can leave us high and dry.
If you find yourself in a constant state of demotivation, and after about 3 days of vacation/staycation you still do not feel the desire to get some work done, it’s suggested you seek help. One may be suffering from mild depression.


Happy Productivity!

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