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The Empowered Woman

“The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description.”
~ Steve Maraboli

Empowerment. To be empowered. Women empowerment.

These terms are all ones that we are no doubt familiar with, but what do they mean exactly? What message are they trying to get across and what does it mean to be ’empowered’?

In this article, we are going to explore all of this, explaining in detail what it means to be empowered and who an empowered woman actually is.

What is Empowerment?

Empowerment, simply put, is the process of enabling one to act. To explain further, according to this article by Lisa M. Haddad on, empowerment is a process enabling individuals to understand the relationship between their actions and outcomes, allowing people the power to achieve the results they desire.

Therefore, to be empowered is to be enabled with the ability to understand and control the circumstances and challenges around them, and actively work towards solving them for their well-being or the well-being of their environment.

It is a truly powerful state of mind and being, and it deserves to be embraced by everyone, irrespective of race, culture, gender, or any other factor that may have been a hindrance to them.

It is important for us to understand what it means to be empowered because only then can we begin to understand who the empowered woman is.

But before we go into the empowered woman, let us first define what it means to be a woman.

Empowerment and the Woman

Who is a woman?

A woman, according to, is one who is created, redeemed, blessed and gifted to be a blessing to those around her. Yes, she was described as a biblical woman, but I believe that this applies to all women as well, but this can only be true when they have realised their true worth, purpose and identity.

Sadly, there are many factors that limit this realisation in society, making it difficult for women to truly blossom into who they were made to be.

That’s where empowerment comes in because, with this, women now have the chance to become their true selves, the people they were created and born to be.

So, with this understanding, let us now look at how all these are made manifest in today’s empowered woman.

The Empowered Woman

The empowered woman is one who has authority and control over their own lives, decisions and ultimate happiness, who uses this authority to enrich the lives of those around her and her community as a whole.

She is a strong, capable and motivated woman and, above all, she is a gift to both society and to herself.

She is not held back by the limitations of the world and pushes through all barriers, both material and immaterial, to drive a positive change in her world.

Qualities of an Empowered Woman

Now, how do we identify this precious woman? What makes her stand out despite all the things that try to pull her down?

Let’s take a look at some of the qualities of the empowered woman.

1. She knows who she is

The empowered woman is confident, strong, and priceless—and she knows it.

She is fully aware of her worth and her identity and she doesn’t let anything or anyone make her change her belief about herself.

2. She is not afraid to change the status quo

Despite what kind of evil is going on and no matter how long it has gone on for, the empowered woman will never let it get in her way of doing what is right, even if it means that she has to change the existing norms of society.

3. She is an embodiment of love

The empowered woman is kind, compassionate and shows love to all those around her, making sure that they get what they deserve and are given the opportunities they ought to have.

4. She respects others and herself

Just as the empowered woman does not undervalue others, she also doesn’t undervalue herself. She knows her worth and carries herself with courage, integrity and elegance, and makes sure that she teaches this quality to others as well.

5.  She is dedicated to empowering others

The empowered woman knows what it means to not be in control, to have your life dictated by another person or the society itself, and she tries all she can to make sure that those who are still in that bondage rise to be the wonderful people they were born to be.

Now, you may be wondering, Who is this empowered woman? Where can I find her? How can I become her?

Well, the answer is that far, because she is right here, living in me, and you, and in every woman out there.

We all have the capacity to be empowered, strong, and beautiful women. All we have to do is unlock that person inside of us, and I know just the thing that will help us achieve this.

The Emotionally Empowered Woman by Dr. Evelyn Okpanachi is the book every woman needs to read. It explores who the empowered woman is in detail and gives valuable guidance on how to become this woman and begin the transformation the world desperately needs and only you can give to it.

Grab this book today so you can achieve your full and true self. With this knowledge, we hope that one day, every woman in the world will reach their full potential and become a blessing to all those around them.

We hope that they will become empowered.

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