Life Coach

Dr. Evelyn believes in bringing the best out of people and has a passion to see woman flourish. Her work as a life coach has impacted many women and her commitment to bringing about a positive change with the women she coaches is evident. She is not just about change but transformation. Dr. Evelyn believes that the seeds sown will always manifest and she works with you to sow the right seeds. Over the years Dr. Evelyn has conducted a number of masterclasses to support individuals and groups get to the next level.

Royal Initiative against Poverty and Starvation (RIAPS)

Dr. Evelyn is passionate about philanthropy, and it is at the core of what she does. What is the use of building wealth, when you can’t help others? Dr. Evelyn is the Co-founder of RIAPS. The organization was started to eradicate poverty and starvation in Africa. It’s a big ask, but Dr. Evelyn does not believe in going small.

Dr. Evelyn has poured her own funds into the initiate, and to date, they have achieved the following:

1) Education campaign: teachers provided for 800 children across 2 IDP camps, provided Educational materials for over 800 children (uniforms, football kits, books)
2) Agricultural campaign: provided fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticides to over 600 farmers
3) Food campaign: consistently provided food for over 1000 displaced people
4) Partnered with Nigeria’s Security and Civil Defence Corps to deliver
a successful workshop on PCVE in Abuja in April 2019

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Royal Leadership Consults (RLC)

Dr. Evelyn is joint CEO of Royal Leadership Consults, an entity that works with leaders around the world to make transformational change


The Perfect Package Company

Dr. Evelyn Okpanachi is the CEO of The Perfect Package Company. The Perfect Package Company is a unique company, dedicated to anyone who is running an event. They have a range of products, designed to make running events easier. This includes a book on event management, wedding shower kits, baby shower kits, and luxury candles.


Victorious Ladies

Dr. Evelyn is the founder of Victorious Ladies; a group that believes that women are integral to society and are very relevant to building happy and strong communities. Dr. Evelyn’s passion is to make an impact on the community but specifically to empower women to reach their full potential.