The Power Within a Woman

We are living in times of dramatic change, with a far more tolerant society emerging and the opportunity to be a true individual without fear of judgment or reprisal. And as we are all born with different qualities and different personalities, being able to express what makes us uniquely us, is a refreshing change to years gone by.

Emerging from this, women are more confident that they are being seen as equals in what is or let’s be honest very definitely should be, an equal society, and showing the world just what is great about being a woman. Being a woman is awesome and we need to embrace how awesome we really are. The power within us must and should shine through.



Confidence is not about being brash, ‘out there’ and getting your face noticed, but knowing that you can succeed in anything you want to do whilst happily accepting that everybody has their own personal limits. True confidence extends to being able to sit back and know when you’ve done something right and made a difference in any quantity, and this is true in whatever a woman does in life.

Walking with your head held high regardless of appearance, body shape, net worth and much more, is a power that women are born with, but society has un-picked over many years.

Today’s woman knows that they are leading a happy life and has the confidence to own all the decisions that they make.



For many hundreds of years, women were seen as second-class citizens to male superiority and whilst we are not necessarily all the way there yet in the world, we are now at a point where the power of a woman is there for all to see. Being able to look at yourself in the mirror, accept what you see looking back and starting the day with purpose and intent is something that wasn’t always a woman’s automatic right.

But things are changing and changing fast and there is no longer a need for any woman to feel as though she’s not as deserving as anybody else.



Go back a mere 50 years if not less, and a woman’s place was still seen as being the home. Women have worked hard to redress this imbalance and with equal opportunities legislation and employment acts, women stand as much chance of getting a job as a man. There may be still some work to do on closing the gender pay gap, but there are plenty of examples of powerful women throughout the world who have worked hard and earned the right to fulfill their ambitions.


Love of Life

A woman enjoying herself used to be something that could be frowned upon, but now being able to see a woman being who she truly wants to be in life portrays a powerful statement.

We can all be guilty of judging others, whether inwardly or outwardly, but being accepting of other people’s positive and negative traits and watching others truly enjoying the one life that they have is often quite freeing to ourselves, meaning that we follow suit and go out there and live the life we want to. We must seek to enjoy the life we live.

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